Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Community Engagement / Public Art Installation


Yesterday Today Tomorrow is a partnership project with the Walnut Hills Historical Society, the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation and the Walnut Hills community, designed to highlight the rich black history in the area and spark conversations about its future. We met and collaborated with the African American Chamber of Commerce, the Walnut Hills Area Council and 4th grade students from the Frederick Douglass School and Spencer Center in Walnut Hills to gather and share information about the project.

After the research phase, which focused on historical black businesses that operated on or near Lincoln Ave from 1908-1980, and meeting with the community, a conceptual layout was created with newspaper ads and slogans that were wheat-pasted onto the building, which spans an entire block of Lincoln Ave.

During the installation process we met many people passing by on foot or in their cars who wanted to talk with us. We shared information about the mission of the project and gathered stories with approximately 60 people.

Map of black-owned businesses before 1980
Map of black-owned businesses before 1980

During the installation, we met people who shared their stories.